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Scholarship Requests

To request a scholarship for your child:

  • Email our registrar with your request.
  • Complete your child's online registration with a payment of half of the fees

Approval of a half-fee scholarship will require:

  • Copy of the school district letter stating that your child is approved for reduced/free lunch (if multiple children are listed on the form please star or circle the child/ren registering for baseball/softball).
  • If you don't have this form, you can get it from the school district office (not usually at your grade school or middle school).
  • If your child is not on free/reduced lunch, but you qualify for a public assistance program, such as the Oregon Trail Card, please contact the Registrar (listed above) and she will work with you to determine the document needed.
  • Remember, these scholarships still require a payment of half of the fees.

If you do not feel that you can make the half fee payment:

  • Email the registrar above your circumstances with a request for a full scholarship. A small group of Pioneer Youth Sports Board Members will make a determination (comprised of the Registrar, Treasurer and appropriate Vice President). It is helpful if you are able to suggest a payment plan of some sort.