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Rules of Play (Tball & Rookies)
Posted Mar 29, 2016

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T-Ball (5-6 years old) Coed

1. Softie balls will be used

2. Each batter will get 5 pitches, then a Tee. No exceptions. This will help keep the game moving.

3. Balls hit into the outfield, runners can advance until the defense gets the ball back into the infield.

4. No stealing bases, bunting, strike outs, and no runners will be called out.

5. Every batter will hit. Split batting order in half (1-6 bat in the first inning and 7-12 bat in the second inning).

6. Every player will play defense every inning. Play real positions first and then add players where needed in the outfield.

7. 75 minute max time, no new innings after 60 minutes.

8. No scores will be kept.

*Be ready to start and take the field at your starting time.

*Have your players warmed up before game time.

*Have your lineup made up before you arrive.



Rookies (7-8 years old)

1. Bases are 60 feet apart.

2. Games will last 90 minutes, no new innings after 75 minutes from the start of the game.

3. Batters, players on deck and base runners must wear a helmet at all times.

4. The batting order will include all players present and must bat entire roster during the game.

5. Each batter will receive a maximum of 5 pitches (by machine). Three strikes (batter must have swung the bat) and the batter is out. After five pitches the batter is out (good or bad pitches) Batter will not be called out on fifth pitch if player fouls off the pitch.

6. Pitching machine should be set 40-45 feet from home plate. Coaches will determine which machine will be used for the game. BEFORE THE GAME - test settings, distance from mound, etc.

7. Kid Pitch will be implemented at the half way point of the season. Pitching distance for kid pitch will be between 35-40 feet. Kids will throw a maximum of 5 pitches per at bat. If batter is still alive after 5 pitches, the machine will be used to finish the at bat.

8. 5 run rule per inning, unless 3 outs occur. Not every batter will bat every inning.

9. No leading off or stealing bases.

10. No advance on overthrows.

11. Balls hit to the outfield, Runners can advance until the ball reaches the infield (baselines).

12. Bats thrown by batter will be an out. No warnings will be given. Any bat that travels more than 10 feet or is thrown out of anger will be considered a thrown bat.

13. Up to 2 (defensive) coaches can be on the field (behind the infield) for instructional purposes. Batting team coach will be on field with pitching machine.

14. Up to 10 kids on the field for defense. 4 outfielders, must stand at or behind the outfield grassline. Outfielders cannot come in and cover a base.

15. Protective cups are required

16. Keep track of score

*Be ready to start and take the field at your starting time

*Have your players warmed up before game time.

*Have your lineup made up before you arrive