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Posted Jun 18, 2019

3/24/2020 Update

As you are aware, Governor Brown closed schools until April 28th and yesterday issued a more restrictive order for providing social distancing to slow the spread of COVID-19. At this time, our entire league is postponed until April 28th as well. We will make every effort for all our players to have a season. We will also continue to follow the guidelines set forth by officials to prioritize the health and safety of our players and community. Below is the current status of each level of play. Please be aware that this is all subject to change.

Tball and Rookies

At this point, we will plan to start the season on April 29th. Ideally, we will extend the season to provide the players with an opportunity to play more games. This is will be dependent on factors including field availability. We will update as we get closer to the end of April on what this season schedule will look like. We are aware that pushing out the schedule may cause conflicts with summer plans, so you can reply to this email if you have concerns.

Minor, Junior and Senior Baseball

Clackamas County Junior Baseball Association (CCJBA) has made a nice outline of the season schedule as of right now, and what it would look like with various other postponements of the schedule. You can view the letter and outline here. Pioneer Youth Sports will be following this schedule for our minor, junior and senior levels - with an anticipated start of practices on April 29th.

8U, 10U and 12U Softball

Clackamas County Girls Softball Association (CCGSA) has released a statement about the season. You can read the statement here. At this time, we will start practices for softball on April 29th and wait for updates from CCGSA on the season.


We will provide updates as we get new information or near the end of April. We hope everyone is staying healthy and as active as they can while at home!


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Federal Level Announcement
Posted Nov 15, 2019

Note About Federal Levels Changes This Year:

JBO has three levels of play: National is the entry level, then American, then Federal. We typically field one Federal team for each grade division (Minor, Junior, Senior).

This season the Pioneer Youth Sports (PYS) board has voted to implement a rule that would only allow 4th, 6th and 8th graders to play on a Federal level team in their respective age divisions.  We, the board, would like to offer a set of core reasons that we decided to enact this rule.

  • This rule will allow for more players to remain together from season to season.  This will increase continuity in coaching staff and teams as well as physical and emotional development among players.  This produces better team cohesion with other players and with coaches and allows players of the same age level and similar ability to develop together.
  • A goal of the baseball program at PYS is to produce the best players into the Oregon City High School program and allow them to be fully prepared with an easy transition.  Allowing the younger grade levels in each division a year to grow, become accustom to longer base paths and longer pitching distances, and gain additional emotional maturity before moving to the Federal level is not only a benefit to those players, but it also benefits the Federal level coaches and the entire team.

The PYS Board does not take rule changes like this lightly and this topic was discussed at length with the sole purpose of making sure we were doing what was most beneficial to our players and our program.  We have also developed a process and a committee to look at assessment scores and address possible exceptions to this rule, in very limited circumstances, to allow 3rd, 5th and 7th graders to play at the Federal level.  These exceptions COULD include, but are not limited to: 3rd, 5th, and 7th graders assessing in the top 5 of their respective age divisions and too few 4th, 6th, or 8th graders to complete a Federal level team.

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