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Posted Jun 18, 2019


As we all know this season has not gone according to plan. When we started our spring/summer season, we had every intention of hosting games and tournaments in Oregon City with the prior approval of the City. That changed suddenly when we were grouped together with Multnomah County in the phased opening of Oregon. At this time, we are losing practice fields due to previous reservations for soccer. We are happy that soccer is able to start their season, and hope that other fall sports start too. Because of the loss of practice fields and the inability to easily schedule games with us being in Phase 1, we have decided to end our spring/summer season on August 9th. We have several teams in a tournament the weekend of August 8-9th and have provided practice fields for them this week to prepare.

We want to thank everyone for their patience as we did our best to provide some sort of season for our players. We wish it had been different, but seeing the kids even just practicing with their teammates has been nice during this difficult time.

For players that are not continuing in fall ball (everyone that indicated No on the survey, or didn’t respond), please look for an email by the end of the week with a potential refund of some of the spring fees. These will be determined by team based on the money spent on scrimmages/tournaments after the league expenses were subtracted. Edit 8/18: Each player had $100 taken out of their fees to cover league expenses (jersey, hat, insurance, field maintenance, software fees - which was all more than $100). Then all money after that per player was placed into the coaches account for each coach to plan and schedule scrimmages and tournaments. Any money not used in that coaches fund has been refunded to those players not continuing on to fall. End Edit

For players that are continuing in fall ball (only those that filled out the survey and indicated they wanted to continue), we plan to have practices resume the week of August 17th. Look for an email this week with team assignment. We are still waiting for details from the fall league on games and costs, so that information will come as soon as we know.

We are all hoping for a return of a normal season in Spring 2021. We hope your player and family stay healthy and safe.


CCJBA has canceled the season. Oregon City is planning to have practices and provide opportunities for tournament play over the summer for 3rd-8th graders. All refunds have been sent out for those that requested them.

For those players that would like to stay registered, our plan is to set aside the amount from registration fees that we have left over from not having to pay CCJBA/JBO fees and the raffle to use that towards tournaments for that team. All the money will go towards the team your child is playing with and if there is anything left over at the end of the season, it will be refunded to you.



- Tball and Rookies spring 2020 season is canceled. All players have been refunded.

- Softball spring 2020 spring season is canceled. We are hoping to have an extended fall season starting in July, if restrictions have been lifted.

We are very disappointed to not be able to provide an opportunity for all players this season. We hope your families are staying healthy and look forward to an amazing spring 2021 season!

Federal Level Announcement
Posted Nov 15, 2019

Note About Federal Levels Changes This Year:

JBO has three levels of play: National is the entry level, then American, then Federal. We typically field one Federal team for each grade division (Minor, Junior, Senior).

This season the Pioneer Youth Sports (PYS) board has voted to implement a rule that would only allow 4th, 6th and 8th graders to play on a Federal level team in their respective age divisions.  We, the board, would like to offer a set of core reasons that we decided to enact this rule.

  • This rule will allow for more players to remain together from season to season.  This will increase continuity in coaching staff and teams as well as physical and emotional development among players.  This produces better team cohesion with other players and with coaches and allows players of the same age level and similar ability to develop together.
  • A goal of the baseball program at PYS is to produce the best players into the Oregon City High School program and allow them to be fully prepared with an easy transition.  Allowing the younger grade levels in each division a year to grow, become accustom to longer base paths and longer pitching distances, and gain additional emotional maturity before moving to the Federal level is not only a benefit to those players, but it also benefits the Federal level coaches and the entire team.

The PYS Board does not take rule changes like this lightly and this topic was discussed at length with the sole purpose of making sure we were doing what was most beneficial to our players and our program.  We have also developed a process and a committee to look at assessment scores and address possible exceptions to this rule, in very limited circumstances, to allow 3rd, 5th and 7th graders to play at the Federal level.  These exceptions COULD include, but are not limited to: 3rd, 5th, and 7th graders assessing in the top 5 of their respective age divisions and too few 4th, 6th, or 8th graders to complete a Federal level team.

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